1024-teaching-exhibit-1 a series of section views a. gutierrez - site analysis, study of light and shade patterns at different times of day b. sandford - project 2, site plan, simple line drawing floor plans jquery lightbox inline htmlby v5.7
site plan with folded elevations along the east, west, north and south
sectional study of proposed intervention, 'a viewing machine'
solar study and shading analysis
a simple site plan
plan drawings require identification of outline of elements beyond the cutting plane
elevation drawings 1024-teaching-exhibit-1 1024-teaching-exhibit-2 floor plan 1024-teaching-exhibit-3 jquery lightbox inline htmlby v5.7
elevation views
sound analysis at site
outline of sky and building facades
floor plan for a place for contemplation
translation of plan into elevation drawings
architecture 110, first year studio


Architecture 590
Hand Drawing

Architecture 110
first year

Architecture 155
first year

Architecture 175
first year

final reviews

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